Working with Addiction. Personal Growth & Emotional Healing

“I was briefly introduced to Qi Gong while I was attending a program at Evergreen State College back in 2013. A few years after I returned to Seattle I decided to find a real Qi Gong expert (Master) nearby to help me resolve reoccurring disruptive thoughts and emotional instabilities. Throughout the years I have tried many forms of treatment (both traditional and non-traditional) in hopes to recover my vitality and stop the destructive cycle of addiction, paranoia, and depression in my life. Some types of treatment I’ve tried have helped some haven’t; nonetheless, the help I received before was limited and my search for the cure lead me back to Qi Gong. While investigating online I found Brendan’s website (, after reading through the site I decided to reach out to him.

During all of our personal sessions I’ve felt safe, fully attended to, and free to ask questions or share feelings I was experiencing. His teaching style is empowering, grounding, and comprehensive. Brendan Thorson has been teaching Qi Gong for over a decade and it shows! His presence has instilled trust, curiosity, and awareness within me. Another strong quality Brendan has is his patience to complete a lesson and flexibility to find a time that works for you.

I will continue to follow his lead; I am so excited to see what lies ahead. Reflecting over the last few weeks the most significant changes I’ve noticed are emotional. Often times after we finish a practice I feel more in touch with my body, mental clarity, and openness to engage with others without losing my sense of self. The urge to use or react to triggers is slowly starting to diminish. Old vicious thinking/behavior patterns are starting to become weakened and hollow. The voyage to health continues. I encourage anyone else who is interested in regaining internal balance to contact him!”