Enhanced Personal & Spiritual Growth & Inner Strength From Genesis Qigong

“I’ve had the good fortune to come across Brendan as a Qi Gong Student and quickly noticed how patient, thorough and knowledgeable Brendan was with the application of focused awareness. He has displayed in-depth knowledge of the Qigong system that he teaches and was instrumental in advancing my interest to take serious approach to this system as a life-changing modality that I had long searched for, often in vain. I was encouraged by the process that was applied in finding contact with my body’s internal energy and noticed during the seminar work many energetic openings inside of my body that gave me indication that i was relaxing into a deeper state, letting go of long-held old tensions/fears that I had been previously unable to do on my own or with other practitioners. Similarly with his body work techniques he has shown that he is very strong and firm, consistent yet gentle. Brendan applies (apparently) very advanced knowledge of the body’s structure and function to enable release of long held aches and pains, as well as emotional burdens that are held unconsciously. If you are not in a hurry and want to find a path that will bring you to inner peace, I recommend Brendan For his Qi Gong teaching and experience. I have had 3 other Qi Gong instructors, and none of them came close to the depth and breadth of knowledge and power that he brings to the room. If you have body work needs and can handle deep body work, then he is also an excellent choice.”

Andrew G. Registered Nurse