Chiroprator Experiences Enhanced Awareness, Healing Skills & Internal Power

“I am a chiropractor, I practice in Moscow, Idaho (5 hr drive from Seattle). I’ve been studying Qigong with Brendan for six months. I’ve taken his weekend level 1, 2 and 3 classes, Jing and Rou and Moving with Qi. The material is amazing, and the speed with which it comes together is incredible. I’ve studied a variety of disciplines for over 30 years and nothing has come close to developing internal power and sensitivity the way Brendan’s material does. My ability to perceive what it is my patients need has gone up exponentially and my ability to treat them has expanded enormously since I started this practice. For decades I’ve been searching for the catalyst that allows us to consciously join with the unseen force that creates and binds all together. Brendan’s qigong is that catalyst. I strongly endorse Brendan’s teaching.”

Kevin Smith, D.C.