Improved Blood Pressure, Releasing of Childhood Trauma & Physical Tension & Pain

“I’ve taken Qigong classes from Brendan Thorson for approximately one year.  I take the classes weekly and also practice at home.  The movements are calming and easily learned. Brendan’s method does not require physical strength, and does not make me sweat or breathe heavily.  It is helping to resolve long-standing issues of balance, symmetry and stiffness that have not responded to anything else.

As a result of Brendan’s classes, I feel livelier, stronger, more energetic and more relaxed.  I am beginning to feel my body gradually release and get back to the norm.  And my blood pressure is substantially lower, without the use of medication or other medical treatment.

From a young age I was subjected to periodic severe beatings at home, and lived in an atmosphere of fear.  My body started having many holding patterns, causing my muscular and skeletal structure to be unbalanced.  For example, my left leg measured a half-inch shorter than the right leg because of the holding.  I thought it actually was shorter… but have realized that unconscious muscular tension held it that way.

Over the years I pursued many different types of therapies to resolve the emotional impact of these childhood experiences.  Brendan’s classes are providing me with an unexpected, and most welcome, physical relief, energy and vitality.”

GL, Seattle