Prevent and Reverse Osteoporosis: Qigong Secrets to Vibrant Kidneys and Strong Bones

By Brendan Thorson, LMP  2/3/2012,

This article is published in the 2012 Summer issue of the Qi-Journal Magazine

Would you like to have strong Kidneys and youthful, vibrant bones and not be concerned about osteoporosis and/or having weak, fragile bones?  “In the United States, more than 40 million people either already have osteoporosis or are at high risk due to low bone mass.”1  Strong and healthy bones are essential to everyone’s health and having the ability to be independent and live their life to the fullest.  The Ancient Masters, who created Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, knew thousands of years ago that the Kidneys rule the bones; therefore, if you have strong and vibrant Kidneys, you will naturally have healthy, dense and robust bones.  Modern Medicine has recently found evidence that shows a direct correlation between the Kidneys functioning at low levels and bone loss.  Genesis Qigong can connect you to the teaching of the Ancient Masters, which can assist you in maintaining or building strong kidneys and bones.  If you are interested in having powerful bones and a high level of health and vitality, then Qigong can help you achieve your goals.

As noted above, the Ancient Masters, who created Chinese Medicine, knew thousands of years ago that the number one key to healthy bones is having strong kidneys.  Chinese Medicine clearly states—the Kidneys rule the bones and the teeth are an extension of the bones.  Thus, if someone is having significant problems with his or her teeth or a child’s bones are not developing properly, then weak kidneys could be the culprit, and should be energized in order for bone health to improve. 2

During my research for the article, I was excited to discover that Western Medicine has found a correlation between weak bones and kidneys. “A common side effect for patients with kidney failure is bone decay. Almost everybody who has kidney failure will have a loss of bone forming potential,” said Keith Hruska, Professor of Nephrology, Pediatrics, and Cell Biology and Physiology at The University Washington School of Medicine.  “(These patients) lose the ability to form bone at a normal rate. Kidney disease, or loss of kidney function, directly causes loss of skeletal function…you end up with weakened bones.”3

Your bones are alive and never stop rebuilding themselves—old bone cells are constantly being replaced by new bone cells in a process referred to as Remodeling.  However, for people with Osteoporosis or others with weakening bones, the remodeling process is unable to keep up with the bone loss. 4  This is analogous to spending more money every month than you have earned,  and then gradually going deeper into debt. However, in this case, because your body’s energy– in particular your Kidney energy level–is functioning at a low level, your bones are going into debt—spending more (old bone cells) than they are earning (new bone cells). As a result, the bones’ bank account is running in the negative and is gradually getting deeper and deeper into debt, which results in weaker, thinner, less dense and more fragile bones.

The effect of Kidneys-Minerals-Bones:

As a result of the public messages by Dairy industry and the FDA, most people in America are aware that Calcium and Vitamin D help create strong bones.  Phosphate is also another major mineral that contributes to strong bones.   “Phosphate is a mineral in the body, and together with calcium makes up most of our bones. Phosphate, like Calcium, is also used in other parts of the body to ‘power’ muscle and is used in many other chemical reactions.”5  “Vitamin D is a chemical needed so that calcium can get from food into the body. A little Vitamin D is absorbed from food, but most is made in the skin, in a process that only occurs if the skin is stimulated by sunlight. Even then, vitamin D has to be converted to an active form in the kidneys.”5  (Maybe there is a correlation between seasonal Depression, Vitamin D and Weak Kidney function?)  In addition, the “Parathyroid hormone (PTH for short) is a hormone, essentially a chemical messenger, which is very important in controlling the level of calcium in the blood.”5  “If the level of calcium in the blood falls, the parathyroid glands normally produce more PTH, which pulls some calcium from the bones into the blood, normalizing the blood’s calcium level. If the calcium level in the blood rises above normal, PTH secretion falls, and the level of calcium in the blood falls back to normal.”5

When the Kidneys are not working efficiently, they cannot help a person maintain healthy and strong bones. For instance when the kidneys’ energy levels are low they leak essential calcium and phosphate which is lost in the urine.5  Based on the previous paragraph you may be able to hypothesize the domino affect that occurs when the kidneys are leaking phosphate and calcium and bone loss—Kidneys leaking Calcium and Phosphate→ bone remodeling process is losing more cells than gaining→ if calcium level in blood is low then Parathyroid Hormone triggers the bones to release extra calcium→ creating more loss of bone mass…  In addition, to Vitamin D dependency on Kidney function to do its job correctly.5

Genesis Qigong and the Kidneys:

At the heart of Genesis Qigong is the development of the Kidney power.  Genesis Qigong follows the secret teaching of the Ancient Masters to build a strong and hearty foundation including a vibrant, powerful body and skeletal system to support one to achieve their life’s mission and the Kidneys are the root of the foundational work.  Starting in the first class of Genesis Qigong we begin to work on upgrading the Kidney energy levels and working capacity with the Internal Power Station Activation Exercise[6], where we more or less jump start the Kidneys like one would jump start their car battery if they left their car lights on too long.  With continued practice of Genesis Qigong and a focus on the Kidneys the body can continue to upgrade the Kidney vitality and as the Kidney levels improve so will the strength and sturdiness of the bones and the whole body.

Since I began practicing Genesis Qigong I have been able to awaken my Kidneys and gradually get them stronger and more powerful and as my Kidneys have gotten stronger I have also felt my whole body upgrade and remodel itself from the inside out.  I have witnessed my whole body including my bones get more and more deeply filled up with vital energies.  Which is contrary to how I use to feel from exercise I did prior to studying Genesis Qigong, for instance at times in my pre-Genesis Qigong past I use to do lots of physical exercise, which felt good in a lot of ways, but on many levels I could also feel I was deeply exhausted and actually depleting or stealing energy from other vital areas of my body like my organs and nervous system to repair my broken  down muscles.  Now, as my body is more filled with vital energy from Genesis Qigong and I do physical exercise I can feel it is helping compress the energies deeper into the depth of my bones, muscles, fascia, tendons and joints, but not stealing essential energies from other vital areas of my body.

Magnetic Energy and Bone Health:

Another thing that has happened to me from my Genesis Qigong practice is an increased connection to the magnetic energy field of the earth.  During my daily life, I commonly feel my whole body enveloped in a magnetic field and my feet deeply magnetized to the earth.  As I walk and move throughout the day I feel like I have magnets on my feet connected to the earth and the magnetic energy field surrounding my body creates a feeling like I am walking under water.  I can feel the amazing healing benefits from the earths amplified magnetic energy field on my body and bones.  Something the Taoist Masters have known for years.

“Dr. Gabriel Cousens has compiled many documented studies pertaining to the crystalline structure of the human bone structure.  In his book, Spiritual Healing and the Rainbow Diet, he reports that bones can receive and emanate electromagnetic fields in the same manner as other crystalline structures.  These fields can affect cell nutrition, cell functions, enzyme activity, energy transfer, and many other internal activities.  Bone-generated electromagnetic fields relate directly to the assimilation of nutrient energy, which means that they affect our intake of energy from external sources such as food.”7

Research has shown how bones can heal at a faster rate from the use of small electrical current, which may explain how electro magnetic fields, like I shared about my personal experience from Genesis Qigong, can make bones stronger and healthier.  Research has documented the positive use of electro magnetic energy on bone healing→ electro magnetic energy has been used to increase calcium levels in bones suffering from osteoporosis.7

Reproductive Energies and strong Bones:

Reinforced Steel and Concrete (

“Bone loss accelerates after menopause, when older women have a quick drop in estrogen. Over time, the risk of osteoporosis and fracture increases as older women lose more bone than they replace.”4 “Younger women who stop menstruating — such as thin athletes or girls with anorexia — also have compromised bone density”4.  “Men need both testosterone and estrogen for bone health. That’s because men convert testosterone into bone-preserving estrogen.”4  As you can see reproductive energy is an essential ingredient for strong bones.  When the estrogen is missing the bones are much weaker.  Similar to the construction of concrete–they add reinforced steel to concrete when it needs increased strength and power to accomplish its job.  Similarly our reproductive energies are vital to create extra power for our bones like the use of steel used to create extra strong concrete.  The Genesis Qigong practice also allows one to upgrade and keep their essential reproductive energies strong and healthy which is necessary for longevity and vitality of the whole body including the bones.

In addition, research with Rats, whose Ovaries were removed and had Osteoporotic Lumbar Vertebrae, had significant Bone Mineral Density improvements from the use of magnetic therapy.8  This is very important news because one study has shown that women who have had both ovaries removed “caused a 54% increase in hip, spine and wrist fractures in postmenopausal women.”4

Exercise and Bone Density:

Research has found a positive correlation between bone remodeling and weight bearing exercise.4  From my personal experience, I believe the addition of Genesis Qigong along with weight bearing exercises can significantly amplify the benefits to the bones and overall muscular skeletal structure (like the use of steel rebar in concrete)→ The combination of the physical exercise can help the “qi” (harnessed from the Genesis Qigong practice) integrate into the Bones and the overall muscular skeletal structure to make it healthier stronger and more youthful.

In closing, Genesis Qigong can dramatically improve the health of practitioners Kidneys and  Bones to bring one vitality and longevity.  From my own experiences I know Genesis Qigong has been the key ingredient to help me transform and upgrade my once fragile and weak muscular skeletal system and depleted Kidneys.

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