Path To Healing Chronic Illness

Brendan takes his clients through the following steps with his energy medicine to help all of them on their healing journey towards transforming their health and quality of life.

1. Strengthening the Foundation

The bodies foundational energies are related to areas like the kidney’s, bladder, adrenal glands (fight or flight response), and leg strength. The bodies foundational energies are the building blocks of health, if it is weak or damaged then the whole bodies system can crash. People with many health challenges or chronic illnesses will usually also have depleted founadtional energies. Emotionally it is connected to fear, willpower and self-confidence.

2. Addressing the Root Problem

Increase the health and vitality of the specific body system/s responsible for the chronic health issues and the vitality to all the other body systems that directly strengthens the root problem.

3. Strengthen Metabolism, Energy and Digestion

Strengthen the vitality of the stomach, pancreas and thyroid to boost energy, digestion, and metabolism. This system is also connected to sugar metabolism, health of the arm and leg muscles, anxiety, mental stress, worrying and overthinking.

4. Boost Gut Health and Immunity

A stong immune system on both the inside and outside of the body is a key to having a high level of health. An empowered gut is also a key to forgiveness and acceptance and to increasing positive emotions, thoughts and reducing negative emotions and thoughts.

5. Nervous System

A strong nervous system is a main factor in being able to handle more life without feeling overwhelmed. The energy medicine can strongly energize the nervous system and to support one to have greater self-awareness for self development and personal growth.

6. Empower Endocrine System and Hormones

Helps keep the body and mind young and youthful. Balanced hormones are a key in having optimal health and vitality.

7. Mind and Body Integration.

Increases self-awareness for personal gowth. Deep seated internal conflicts are often the source of chronic illness. This healing and training process increases inner strength and guides one to overcome their internal conflicts.

8. Transformed Health

Obtaining a high level of physical, mental and emotional health.