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Qigong Secrets to Menopause & Low Testosterone

By Brendan Thorson, LMP
& edited by Brian Kidd, 3/1/2012

This article is published in the 2012 Autumn issue of the Qi-Journal Magazine

Would you like to maintain youthful vitality into your elder years and skip the dramatic mid-life health decline that naturally occurs when both men and women have a significant reduction in their reproductive hormone levels?  Modern Medicine offers hormone replacement therapy to help some people ease into old age, but evidence has shown there are many side effects and risks that may outweigh the gains for those who do not want to gamble with their health.

Fortunately for those who truly cherish their health and life, the Ancient Qigong Masters Secrets to potentially reverse, prevent or delay the onset of Menopause and Low Testosterone (or Andropause) are available to you from Genesis Qigong Training.  Genesis Qigong can help you to naturally maintain and transform your health, energy levels and reproductive hormones. This can make it possible to prolong your youthful vitality and to help you obtain longevity with robust internal energies, strength and peace throughout.

Symptoms of female hormone imbalance

Acne or oily skin
Bone loss
Decreased fertility
Excess facial and body hair
Hot flashes
Heavy or painful periods
Irregular periods
Loss of muscle mass
Loss of scalp hair
Low libido
Memory lapses
Mood swings
Night sweats
Poor concentration
Sleep disturbances
Tender or fibrocystic breasts
Urinary incontinence
Vaginal dryness
Weight gain

Menopause and Low Testosterone is usually caused by a gradual decline of internal energies and energy systems of the body. This results in a weakened reproductive system and lower production of reproductive energies and hormones.  This is similar to the premature deterioration of a car that is not well maintained and regularly serviced.  Chinese Medicine believes women reach their peak strength at the age of 28 and men at the age of 32.  Then both sexes energies gradually weaken as the years pass, because they are leaking vital energy. By the time they are in their late 40s or mid 50s both sexes internal energies will commonly degrade to the point that their reproductive energies are significantly compromised. This will result in the body and mind getting weaker and initiate the process of growing old.1

Symptoms of male hormone imbalance

Bone loss
Decreased mental clarity
Decreased muscle strength
Decreased stamina
Decreased urine flow
Erectile dysfunction
Hot flashes
Increased abdominal fat
Increased urge to urinate
Low sex drive
Mood swings
Night sweats
Poor concentration
Sleep disturbances

There are many health complications related to the process of mid-life change. These include the glands not working at an optimal level resulting, in lower hormone production and the depletion of vital internal energies.  For instance, women commonly experience hot flashes, irritability, anxiety, loss of scalp hair, excess facial hair, and weak muscles and joints.  While men commonly experience decreased muscular strength, stamina, erectile dysfunction, increased body fat and poor sleep.2 (see attached chart for more details)  All the above symptoms are a clear sign that the body has lost its original power and natural internal energy balance.  If we were to see a young person with all of the above noted health problems, we would feel sorry for that individual and hope he had a way to regain his health and youthful vitality. If you had the choice between living with the aforementioned symptoms and health complications or enjoying your mid-life and beyond, which would you choose?

Genesis Qigong can reset the internal energy programs by reorganizing the internal energy systems so a person can gain energy, as opposed to losing energy as he or she ages.  Using our car analogy, this would be like getting your vehicle regularly serviced and well maintained. For some people this would be like getting a major overhaul, including rebuilding the car’s entire engine to transform it from a jalopy to a gem. The energy systems that would be reprogrammed include the reproductive energies and hormones to maintain health and avoid the natural aging process most people experience in their mid life. Genesis Qigong training begins to improve and harmonize our internal energy levels including the functioning of the organs and glands.   There are many key centers and areas of the body that need to be developed to upgrade the whole energy system in a balanced way.

The 3-steps directly related to the development and maintenance of the reproductive system that take place in development of the energy body from levels 1-3 in the Genesis Qigong Training:

  1. The activation of the “Power Center” Sacrum related to boosting the energy levels of the reproductive system.
The Sacrum (

The development of the Reproductive Energy Pathways and reproductive glands which include the Testes/Prostate or Ovaries/Uterus.Reversing the energy flow of the reproductive energies from outward to inward. This will allow the body to digest more of its reproductive energies for upgrading our energy levels that can be used for healing, personal growth and spiritual development, just like our energy system was when we were children.

You may be asking yourself is it really possible to reset and enhance my internal energies and postpone or prevent Menopause or Low Testosterone?  I believe the answer is yes.   When I first began this training at the age of 30 my body was prematurely worn down, weak and exhausted—I felt like an exhausted broken down old-man stuck in a young-man’s body.  Genesis Qigong has allowed me to rebuild my once broken down mind and body.  A major key to the strengthening and healing of my body has been the empowering of my reproductive system and increased levels of reproductive hormones as a result of my Qigong training.  A process that could be described as second puberty or adult puberty lead to a slight deepening of my voice, increased facial hair, a boosting of my reproductive system and reproductive system aliveness like I had as a teenager.  The above noted changes were important to help me become more masculine, but the real long term benefits from my upgraded reproductive system is the increased regeneration power my body now has for greater healing, vitality, longevity, and development for my life.

I also notice sometimes during my qigong practice that I can feel the reproductive glands are very alive, active and can sense the energy flow backward into my body and then circulate to other areas of my body like my organs, bones, fascia, and muscles for healing and tonification.  This is described as the reverse energy flow in Qigong—so one can be like a child again.  Like the energy flow of babies and kids before reaching puberty.  That gives children the amazing power to physically and mentally grow and develop.

To date I have had numerous male and female students with ages ranging from Teens to 70s that have significantly increased their internal strength, vitality and energies.  I have visually watched students reverse their biological age and heard umpteen testimonials related to their healing and health benefits related to reproductive hormone imbalance symptoms.

Female Genesis Qigong Health Benefits Related to Hormone Symptom Imbalances (Ages 40s-70s):

  • Increased Stamina
  • Significant reduction in depression
  • Overcome Hot Flashes
  • Feel Calmer & Balance of Excess Emotions
  • Sleep Improvements
  • Improvements to Memory & Concentration Levels
  • Reversed Aging Process of Reproductive Organs
  • Improved Muscle Tone and Body Shape
  • Softer, Firmer & more Elastic Face and Body Skin
  • Genesis Qigong Facelifts—A) Droopy Faces Tighten Up.  B) Withered & Wrinkly Faces become softer more Elastic & Less Wrinkly.  C) Face Color Improvements

Male Genesis Qigong Health Benefits Related to Hormone Symptom Imbalances (Ages 40s – 70s):

  • Significant reduction in depression
  • Significant Sleep Improvements
  • Increased Strength and Stamina
  • Enhanced Sexual Power
  • Improved Concentration
  • Decreased Abdominal Fat
  • Softer, Firmer & more Elastic Face and Body Skin
  • Genesis Qigong Facelifts—A) Droopy Faces Tighten Up.  B) Withered & Wrinkly Faces become softer more Elastic & Less Wrinkly.  C) Face Color Improvements

To Summarize, Genesis Qigong can help you overcome health imbalances related to Menopause and Low Testosterone.  If you are willing to make this practice a priority in your life then you may also be able to experience what I described as a “second Puberty” to help you gain extra internal power of your regeneration energies to help you have youthful vitality and longevity.

  1. Tyme, L.Ac. The Student Manual on the Fundamentals of Traditional Oriental Medicine 2nd addition.  Living Earth Educational Services.  San Diego:  1996.

Menopausal Hot Flashes & Improved Health

“I suffered from menopausal hot flashes that were making my life so difficult. A friend told me about Brendan and his qigong. I began taking his private classes. After the first session I began to feel much better! I continued to take private sessions with him for the hot flashes for about 5 weeks and the hot flash symptoms were mostly resolved. The qigong has helped me in many ways beyond the hot flashes. So, I have continued to study with Brendan to learn more qigong and improve other areas of my life. I strongly recommend Brendan’s qigong if you have hot flashes or other areas you want to improve.”