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Renewed Sexual Strength, Enhanced Love Life, Increased Energy, Less Anxious & Less Stressed

“I’m in my late 40s. I came to Brendan to increase my sexual strength and energy. I began with his healing sessions once a week and after a couple of months began taking group classes. The initial healing sessions quickly began to increase my energy, feel stronger and improve my sexual challenges. I began to feel like a new person! It has also helped me with my personal growth to become happier, less stressed, anxious, more connected to others and more open to talking about my feelings. My wife and I have an excellent love life again along with a renewed feeling of closeness that we have not shared in years, but with a deeper connection and appreciation than we had when we were younger. I have the energy and strong sexually like I was 10-15 years ago! The personal growth has been an unexpected blessing that has improved my life in ways I never would have gotten if I took the hormone replacement therapy option.”