Vital Energy Medicine for Chronic Illness

Restoring Health & Vitality:

Brendan’s clients experience enhanced health and quality of life because his energy healing sessions restore vitality, and he deeply cares about each client. He makes every client feel calm, confident and secure to help everyone achieve great success.

Treating Chronic Illness:

Brendan’s Student W/ Severe Muscular Atrophy Regains Arm Strength During Healing Session

If you have chronic illness, then you probably know Western medicine is not that effective in healing chronic illness. Statistics say 50% of adults have chronic illness and 27% of American adults have more than one chronic illness.

Through the 20 plus years Brendan has been doing energy healing he has helped many people with chronic illness, healed himself and been shown through his experiences and by the heavens how to restore the health of many chronic illnesses.

More Info Coming Soon 🙂