About Genesis Qigong

Genesis qigong is a unique transformational and powerful mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It is an energy focused practice. The “Qi” becomes palpable, informative, and educational. From the practice students’ can begin to get increased information and guidance from their internal wisdom for personal growth and self-development. The training can also allow students’ to balance emotions, energy levels, hormones, organ functions, and body systems. We use different hand mudras and exercises to target and harmonize specific organs, chakras, glands and energy pathways. It integrates the “Qi” (energy) with prayer/ meditation, slow moving exercises, standing and sitting.

The benefits of Genesis qigong are far a wide. It can help people master their mind and life for personal-growth and self-empowerment. It can also help students’ become more internally aware, grounded, happier and calmer. Here is a small sample of some areas it can help people: Anxiety, Sleep, Infertility, Low-Testosterone, Immunity, Covid Long Haulers, Stress, Menopause, & Build Inner Strength, Confidence, Mental Clarity, Leg Strength, Balance and much more.