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Nurse’s Improved Sleep & Reduced Anxiety & Stress from Genesis Qigong

“As a Nurse, I initially felt pretty skeptical about attending the QiGong training with Brendan. My days are spent in science based activities and Western medicine. I was really surprised when I was able to feel the energy between my hands and an unexplainable sense of joy and lightness during the first class. The benefits have been: sleeping more soundly, feeling more energized during the day, not feeling as overwhelmed during the day with stress, greatly reduced anxiety, feeling grounded and feeling more connected to other people. My diet and appetite has also changed for the better, I now crave healthier foods.” 

Lynn, Registered Nurse

Skin Beauty, Improved Sleep, Renewed Life Passion, Increased Self-Awareness & Easier Connection with Others

“I started taking Qi Gong with Brendan Thorson over a year ago. I had never taken a Qi Gong class before and didn’t know what to expect. During the very first session I began to feel a startling sensation:  a magnetic, taffy-like energy between my hands and a current spiraling from my head through the core of my body. Admittedly, I was both unsettled and full of wonder about what this mysterious feeling was. It was Qi, and my new awareness of it would change my life.  Later that day after my first class, I began to feel discomfort in my chest as if a cork were stuck and trying to burst. I remember thinking that I wasn’t so sure Qi was a good thing! In retrospect, I understand that the Qi was working to push through years of stagnant accumulation in my chest—feelings I had held onto that were impeding my health, my ability to be open, and in general my ability to “go with the flow.” Within a couple more sessions with Brendan my chest became clear, the discomfort went away, and I began to experience a strong connection with Qi during my practices. During some practices the Qi felt like a gentle, cleansing waterfall through my head and hands. I could take a deep breath. I was sleeping better at night. I was feeling more vitality. A light that I hadn’t seen in my eyes for a while returned. My skin seemed to glow. I was happier and feeling more in tune with myself, connected with others, and more at ease with the ebb and flow of the universe. I became dedicated to cultivating Qi and to continuing to strengthen my reserves and to leading a more aware, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Recently I moved from Seattle to Los Angeles. What I have missed most is Brendan’s class! Whenever I come back to Seattle to visit I always try to schedule as many sessions with Brendan as I can. Brendan’s classes even partly inspired me to begin studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles. I love my classes and am excited to be on this new path. I am grateful to say that Brendan’s Qi Gong class and my personal discovery of the wonders of Qi cultivation have enhanced my life.  I wholeheartedly recommend Brendan’s classes to anyone who is curious about exploring Qi Gong.”

Catherine, Los Angeles

Improved Mental & Emotional Health: More Grounded, Slowing Thoughts, & Increased Happiness

“When I met Brendan as a yoga teacher under Seattle’s dismal skies, I was a lost soul looking for a much more rewarding life. I didn’t have any of the answers, but soon came to find that Brendan was an excellent qigong instructor and listener who somehow just knew what qigong exercises to teach and guidance to offer. Quickly I found Brendan to be a confident, kind, and generous teacher. Within weeks I was unsticking a lifetime of clogged energy. I became more grounded and centered and my racing thoughts began slowing down. I began feeling more joy and happiness. Since that time, I have radically changed my views on what is possible with training like qigong. My psychotherapy has been buoyed by what I learned from Brendan so many years ago. Brendan is definitely the real deal as a person, teacher, and coach.”

Ivon Waters, MA. Counseling/ Psychotherapy

Renewed Sexual Strength, Enhanced Love Life, Increased Energy, Less Anxious & Less Stressed

“I’m in my late 40s. I came to Brendan to increase my sexual strength and energy. I began with his healing sessions once a week and after a couple of months began taking group classes. The initial healing sessions quickly began to increase my energy, feel stronger and improve my sexual challenges. I began to feel like a new person! It has also helped me with my personal growth to become happier, less stressed, anxious, more connected to others and more open to talking about my feelings. My wife and I have an excellent love life again along with a renewed feeling of closeness that we have not shared in years, but with a deeper connection and appreciation than we had when we were younger. I have the energy and strong sexually like I was 10-15 years ago! The personal growth has been an unexpected blessing that has improved my life in ways I never would have gotten if I took the hormone replacement therapy option.”


Healing Knees & Shoulders, Transformed Sleep, Increased Energy, Stress Capacity, Concentration & Jedi Skills

“I have been studying Qigong with Brendan Thorson for 8-months now and it has been incredible.  I am currently a student pursuing an engineering degree, have many areas of interest in metaphysics, have taken roughly 7-years of yoga pursued with a devotion to connecting deeply to myself and my surroundings.  Yoga has definitely shifted myself and the dynamic relationship with the world both internally and externally.  At a certain point in my yoga training I ungrounded myself and it took me several years to find something that would be effective for me with where I was and allow me to take it further and deeper, once I was able to ground myself and could return to the homeostasis state.  I found the ability to not only ground myself in qigong but take the experience even further.  As with how yoga opened my eyes to how amazing life could become if your bliss is nurtured, so to with qigong although totally different, amazing in another way entirely.  I began to feel the energy pathways of my organs, certain chronic pains from joints and my back have for the most part healed themselves and I can feel them continuing to do so J.  I have found it to be absolutely incredible and will continue exploring it probably for many years.  It has the potential to be paradigm shifting and exponentially amazing.  The greatest impact has been to my overall sense of well-being, being grounded and tapping into and releasing the stored emotional baggage [Energy Blockages] with the strength from being grounded and the presence of mind to comfortably engage and set free these past issues putting that bounce back into my step and the wonderful feeling of feeling healthy and that it can keep getting better.

Some of the benefits I’ve experienced:

  • A growing sense of well being as my deep internal energy levels have improved
  • Certain chronic ailments are no longer causing me trouble (my knees, and rotator cuff)
  • Increased retention in my studies
  • Starting to feel the internal energy from my organs and the meridians as they circulate within my body
  • I generally sleep less and feel much more rested with the less sleep (which has been awesome!)
  • Im becoming able to maintain my sense of the self I want to be even when under stressful situations and have the presence of mind during so to act as I would feel good about after 🙂 which can be developed with any meditation yet in Qigong it is definitely uniquely incredible.
  • Over all I am finding that with this meditation I am building and nurturing a metaphorical “ball rolling down a hill”, as my greater energy levels are increasing.  Its not particularly difficult but is definitely something to take seriously if you have interest in biological energy fields especially your own.

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity I have been given to study with Brendan.”

–Andrew Forrayi

Chakra Healing, Increased Self-Awareness & Physical & Emotional Releases & Healing

“I met Brendan while he was advertising for his training at a street fair in the University District. I had been told about the benefits of Qi Gong previously, and was slightly interested, but would have walked right on by him if I had not felt so drawn into his warm and open presence. Over the next couple weeks I attended three of Brendan’s Qi Gong sessions.

Within minutes of the first session, I was able to viscerally feel the energy (Qi) between my hands in the form of a hot, magnetic charge. By the end of the session, I could “magnetically” connect with each of seven major energy centers (Chakras) on my body. The session helped me to feel more balanced in my body, and it helped my body to feel more alive and alert. I left with an invigorating, pulsating energy moving through my entire body.

Cultivating my relationship with the Qi has already, with only several days of practice, dramatically affected my relationship with my body and my mind. As if the energy had a secret treasure map of my body, it moves through me, uncovering emotional goldmines I have kept buried, out of fear. This experience has proved to be both confusing and refreshing– to really look at the emotional trauma I have faced is painful, but the physical and emotional releases I am experiencing through this process are profound. I feel lighter, and more free.

Brendan is a humble and passionate coach and teacher. He is invested in and maintains a thorough understanding of the value of his work. Brendan has learned to present Qi Gong, the vocabulary around which may confuse the Western mind, in a totally accessible way to individuals and groups of people with myriad constructions of foundational knowledge.

I deeply and wholeheartedly believe in the value of this work, individually and in reference to our global community. I am excited to continue my Qi Gong practice, and I am deeply grateful to have found such a kind and supportive guide in Brendan.”


Improved Blood Pressure, Releasing of Childhood Trauma & Physical Tension & Pain

“I’ve taken Qigong classes from Brendan Thorson for approximately one year.  I take the classes weekly and also practice at home.  The movements are calming and easily learned. Brendan’s method does not require physical strength, and does not make me sweat or breathe heavily.  It is helping to resolve long-standing issues of balance, symmetry and stiffness that have not responded to anything else.

As a result of Brendan’s classes, I feel livelier, stronger, more energetic and more relaxed.  I am beginning to feel my body gradually release and get back to the norm.  And my blood pressure is substantially lower, without the use of medication or other medical treatment.

From a young age I was subjected to periodic severe beatings at home, and lived in an atmosphere of fear.  My body started having many holding patterns, causing my muscular and skeletal structure to be unbalanced.  For example, my left leg measured a half-inch shorter than the right leg because of the holding.  I thought it actually was shorter… but have realized that unconscious muscular tension held it that way.

Over the years I pursued many different types of therapies to resolve the emotional impact of these childhood experiences.  Brendan’s classes are providing me with an unexpected, and most welcome, physical relief, energy and vitality.”

GL, Seattle

Energy Activation & Energy Feelings Through Body

“I had no idea what to expect when starting the beginner Qigong/Tai Chi class, except that it would possibly be a new technique to use for self improvement. From the very first class, I could feel the powerful energy between my hands and a little through my body and I thought to myself, “These feelings seem familiar.” I’ve felt this before but had no idea what it was. It excites me to know that I can now learn to control this energy. The dull pains in my chest, shoulder center and kidneys I felt the day after class confirmed how powerful these techniques are.

Brendan shows great care in helping his students understand these techniques and encourages us to not get too discouraged if you don’t “get it” right away.  I am now hopeful that as I continue to use Qigong techniques along with my other positive habits, I will be able to reach my personal goals to become a better person inside and out.”

Joy Baer

Combining Therapy & Genesis Qigong For Overcoming Emptiness, Loneliness & Isolation

“I moved to Seattle 3 years ago from the East Coast…. Almost immediately upon arriving, I felt a total disconnect to the West Coast.  As each month passed, I felt worse.  I would say to people that I felt “soulless”.  I couldn’t feel anything, rarely laughed and spent most of my time huddled in my apartment.  The loneliness and isolation was virtually destroying me.  I tried many practitioners from channelers to soul retrieval…. But to no avail.

I had come to the conclusion that maybe if I moved to another state, I would feel better.  At the encouragement of my therapist, she got me to try to find an interest that I could participate in.  Well, the day I saw her, I decided Qi Gong would be something I might like.  I Googled the topic and in about 5 minutes I signed up for a session offered by Brendan the next night.

I attended (without much hope) I must admit, but the class was beyond anything I anticipated and from the first moment, I was hooked.  Brendan has such a gift for teaching and communicating with his students’.  I have just completed four sessions and it has brought amazing changes to my life.

I guess qi really is the life energy….. I feel whole again, am happy, find joy in life.  With every class, I feel an improvement.  I truly believe I will follow this path for the rest of my life.

And yes, I have even learned to love Seattle and its ‘laid-back’ people…………”


Improved Sleep, Energy & Grounding

“Brendan is such a warm, compassionate, supportive, confident teacher. Plus the Qi Gong he is teaching is so effective. I have tried Qi Gong before and it felt so complicated and difficult to follow and I didn’t feel positive affects from it. But from Brendan’s qigong, I sleep much better, I feel more grounded and I feel much more energy.”

Katelon, Licensed Massage Therapist