Brendan Thorson, MSTOM, CMT

Energy Medicine Healer & Genesis Qigong Instructor

Brendan is a Master Energy Medicine healer, transformational coach, Genesis Qigong instructor and teaches Genesis Qigong students to be Genesis Qigong instructors and energy healers. He is a published energy medicine author. He has a master’s degree in acupuncture and traditional oriental medicine, (MSTOM) from Pacific College of Health & Sciences, New York. He is a graduate of Brenneke School of Massage. He has over 20 years’ experience in energy work, healing, Reiki and qigong.

Brendan discovered energy medicine through his own search for personal healing. At age 15 he began experiencing chronic knee tendonitis. By his early 20s he was living with chronic aches and pain in his knees, low back, shoulders, and elbows. He did physical therapy off and on for years to try and heal all of his joint issues, but it didn’t work for him. Brendan has studied weight training, meditation, yoga, taichi, qigong, massage therapy, Reiki, Rolfing style of myofascial release, bagwa, herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Brendan began learning taichi and qigong (energy medicine) in 1994 and in 1996 he studied Reiki. In 1999, he began studying qigong with a Chinese master for 10 plus years. That same year he also began combining massage therapy and energy medicine healing, where he began learning deep levels of energy healing. In 2001, to further deepen his energy medicine development he began practicing qigong and taichi (energy medicine) for about five hours a day and also began teaching qigong. A combination of qigong, Reiki and taichi (energy medicine) has been the key to transforming his health, overcoming years of fatigue, a compromised immune system, insomnia, chronic joint pains, excess fears, anxieties and negative thinking.

In 2009 Brendan started the Noble School of Qigong in Seattle, WA. In 2012- 2013 he had 5 articles published in Qi: The Journal of Eastern Health and Fitness. In 2017 he moved from Seattle, WA to the NYC area. While in NYC he taught qigong, did energy healing, studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. He moved back to the Seattle, WA area in 2023 and has an office in Kirkland, WA where he does healing sessions. Genesis qigong training is a combination of different energy exercises he has been guided to use by source to help students deeply root to earth, source and themselves for transforming health, healing and spiritual development.

Brendan grew up in a suburb of Seattle, WA. He loves the outdoors, snow skiing and playing sports. He has also had a variety of different jobs that has given him exposure to different industries like commercial fishing, mortgage loan officer, construction, & massage therapy.