Level 2

Genesis Qigong W/ TaiChi Movements For Inner Strength

(Completion of Level 1 Required)
A very important step in the internal cultivation process: for building a solid foundation and inner strength, excellent for slowing down the mind and preparing ourselves for the challenges of life and personal growth.

In thisĀ Qigong class we continue to build up our energy levels and do a combination of qi gong exercises and tia-chi movements. In this class we learn a series of simple taichi movements that powerfully develop the dantian, kidney center and shoulder center. Movement is done with the energy field, activating and connecting the, “hidden jewels”, energy centers of the major joints during the movement exercises to increase the magnetic field around the body and the energy circulation within. You will also learn some simple stretches and movements to improve the energy flow in the muscles and joints. In addition, a special internal energy connection practice will be introduced in this course for developing internal strength and balance. This class powerfully enhances the rooting and grounding systems, as a result, participants minds become much calmer and their capacity to handle stress can significantly improve too. It also, promotes the development of upright/ (righteous) energy to further strengthen the energy system and help burn out mental, emotional and physical blockages