Level 3

Genesis Qigong for Organ Energy Development & Internal Strength

(Completion of Level 1 required)

This class focuses on the development of the organ energy pathways related to the 5-element system of traditional Chinese medicine. It works on the activation of all 12 of the organ energy pathways which helps students become aware of the connections between the one’s thoughts, emotions and virtues and how they affect the quality of one’s emotional health. Then as the student begins to have internal understanding of the relationships between their thoughts and the affect they have on one’s emotional state then one also begins to have personal awareness how to modify their thoughts to achieve greater internal peace.

This training will also include both yin and yang style exercises to both nourish and strengthen the energies of the organ energy pathways to achieve greater internal emotional strength. It will also include some taichi style exercises to promote the development of upright/ (righteous) energy to further strengthen the energy system and help burn out mental, emotional and physical blockages.