Level 4

Genesis Qigong W/ Taichi Style Movements #2 For Inner Strength & Peace

(Completion of Level 1 Required)

In this Qigong class we continue to build up our energy levels and do a combination of qigong exercises and some TaiChi and Bagua style movements. These movements begin to program a dynamic spiraling energy flow around the body and begin to bring energy into the muscle and tendon pathways to help build up the energetic strength of the body. We also use specific hand postures to continue the development of upright/ (righteous) Yang energy to further strengthen the energy system and help burn out mental, emotional and physical blockages. We will also continue to develop the dantian and dantian rotation and guide the energy from the dantian to the muscles and tendons and joints to strengthen the body with the refined qi.

In addition, we will learn the traditional martial arts horse stance. Learn common martial arts stretches and exercises to maintain or increase flexibility to help make the body healthy and strong. A strong and healthy physical body is a key to deeper levels of energetic cultivation.