Weight Loss, Improved Body Awareness, Stamina, & Sleep. Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Stability From Genesis Qigong

“My life has made a 180 degree turn for the better since I’ve been taking Qi Gong / Tai Chi classes from Brendan. I can’t even describe it. It has been a source of stability for me in my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When I started Brendan’s classes my life was in a whirlwind. I was dealing with the death of my father, and loss of my job. My mind was in constant chaos; my health was starting to suffer from stress and weight gain, which then started reflecting on my relationships with my family and friends. Looking for alternative healing solution to cleanse my mind and body, I decided to take a few of Brendan’s introductory Qi Gong class, to my surprise I started feeling relaxed and peaceful after each class, so I decided to sign up for Brendan’s Level 1 class.

I’ve been studying and practicing Qi Gong / Tai Chi with Brendan now for five months, I am constantly amazed of the changes and improvements I feel in all aspects of my life. It has been a life changing experience with positive results. The benefits for me are internal, which changed my body awareness and internal strength.

~Physically -I feel more balanced, more stamina, and able to sleep through the night. I have learned much more about how my body feels from the inside, the connection with each individual organ. To listen within. I’m continually losing the excess weight I’ve been caring around for years.

~Emotionally – I am able to attain a balance of my emotions and physical sense of well-being which allow me to deal with the everyday stresses and demands of life in a much more positive light.

~Mentally – My mind is becoming clearer and more peaceful each day, the constant chatter seems to disappear from my mind, as I breathe in more energy. With this I am now able to acknowledge the concepts and beliefs that are no longer useful in my life. Giving me the ability to clear out these old programs from my deep consciousness, and replace with new concepts and beliefs that are in harmony with my mind, body and spirit.

~Spiritually – I have noted a renewed enthusiasm for my ‘self’ and appreciation on many levels. Realizing the more I surrender and allow myself to flow, the more opportunity is presented. I feel a beautiful connectedness more consistently throughout each day. More and more experiencing the vibrancy of my own spiritual energy, the unique treasure of awareness, knowledge, wisdom, talent, power and potential that reside within myself.

I encourage more and more people to step into their power and use techniques like Qi Gong to claim their divine birth right of perfect health on all levels of being.”