Getting Started w/ the Training. Taking Classes, Seminars or both?

If you are unclear whether to sign up for weekly classes, weekend seminars or both then the information below may help you to get started with your training and see a clearer map to moving through levels 1-3:

Based on years of student observation, evidence has shown that a higher percentage of students are more likely to continue with the practice longterm and receive a greater and longer-term benefit from the practice, if they take the class levels more than one time before moving to the next level of training. This strategy supports the student in developing much deeper energies, a better understanding and stronger confidence in this internal energetic practice. As a result, the weekend seminars (level 1-3) has been broken down into part 1 and part 2 to help the students achieve a higher level of success.

The Levels (1-3), Part 1 and 2 seminars go at a slower, but deeper pace than the weekly classes. Thus, there is more time to go into greater depth with the lecture, group discussion and Q & A and time learning and reviewing each of the exercises. Ideally it would be great if all students were able to do both the Level 1, (parts 1 & 2) in the weekend format and the weekly classes to more strongly deepen one’s practice. But that is not realistic for many students. Therefore, for students who are only able to attend weekly classes it is suggested to repeat the level of training two times before moving to the next level of training. However it is not a requirement. Correspondingly, if you are only able to attend the weekly classes, then make sure you are confident and/ or very committed to the training before moving to the next level. And for students whom are only able to attend the weekend seminars, completion of both parts 1 and 2 of each level of training will be adequate for most students, before moving up to the next level of training.

For additional questions about maneuvering through the training please inquire via email or better yet in your next class or seminar.<