Qigong Facelifts–heals bad acne

Transforming your facial appearance by upgrading and healing your internal energies

By Brendan Thorson 5/2/12,

Everyone wants to look their best and many people try a variety of remedies and or products hoping it will help them look younger, stronger, healthier and more vibrant.  I commonly see advertisements on TV or magazines for plastic surgery, facial creams, soaps, facial massage and balms claiming they will make you look younger, tighten your skin, erase your wrinkles, remove the dark circles or puffiness under your eyes...  What most people do not realize is the face's appearance is a mirror of one's internal health and vitality.

Thus, focusing ones energy directly on their face will only bring short term beauty appearances because it is not addressing the origin of the problem if one looks older than their age then it is a clear indication their energies are prematurely depleted.

The Ancient Taoists Masters who created Chinese Medicine clearly saw the correltion of areas of the face and organ and or energy imbalances related to each area.

Face reading is a way to see what energies are out of balance on someone.  It can be very good to

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