Victoria. Spiritual healing through Qi Gong

“I moved to Seattle 3 years ago from the East Coast…. Almost immediately upon arriving, I felt a total disconnect to the West Coast.  As each month passed, I felt worse.  I would say to people that I felt “soulless”.  I couldn’t feel anything, rarely laughed and spent most of my time huddled in my apartment.  The loneliness and isolation was virtually destroying me.  I tried many practitioners from channelers to soul retrieval…. But to no avail.

I had come to the conclusion that maybe if I moved to another state, I would feel better.  At the encouragement of my therapist, she got me to try to find an interest that I could participate in.  Well, the day I saw her, I decided Qi Gong would be something I might like.  I Googled the topic and in about 5 minutes I had found an introductory class offered by Brendan the next night.

I attended (without much hope) I must admit, but he had a gathering of about 20 people and from the first moment, I was hooked.  Brendan has such a gift for teaching and communicating with his class.  I have just completed his Level I class and it has brought amazing changes to my life.

I guess qi really is the life energy….. I feel whole again, am happy, find joy in life.  With every class, I feel an improvement.  I truly believe I will follow this path for the rest of my life.

And yes, I have even learned to love Seattle and its ‘laid-back’ people…………” Victoria.