Student Experiences Real Microcosmic Orbit (Small Universe)

By Brendan Thorson 1/17/2012,

This past weekend at the level-1 weekend seminar a student who has been taking classes regulary for the past couple of years began to feel the Small Universe Circulation reach a deeper level than he had ever felt before hand.  After we completed the Small Universe Enhancing Exercise, the gentleman told the class that he felt the ciculation of his small universe deep inside his body and he could follow a flow of energy up his back and then down the front and that circulation continued the same path…

Microcosmic Orbit

Prior to this past Sunday he had felt the Microcosmic Orbit–(name used by Mantak Chia to describe the circulation of the energy flow of the combination of the Du and Ren Meridians) before, but it was much more superficial.  This time he could actually feel/ follow a warm sensation travel/ circulate inside of his body (the circuit of the small universe).

  1. Benefits of the Small Universe Circulation:
  2. Create Internal Energy
  3. Create balance between all the different energy centers
  4. Balance the Yin and Yang Energies
  5. Circulate the refined reproductive energies from the reproductive area up the spine to nourish:
  • the brain, energy centers, organs, or other areas of the body where the energy can enhance health and vitality