About Genesis Qigong

Genesis qigong is a unique transformational and powerful mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It is an energy focused practice. The “Qi” becomes palpable, informative, and educational. From the practice students’ can begin to get increased information and guidance from their internal wisdom for personal growth and self-development. The training can also allow students’ to balance emotions, energy levels, hormones, organ functions, and body systems. We use different hand mudras and exercises to target and harmonize specific organs, chakras, glands and energy pathways. It integrates the “Qi” (energy) with prayer/ meditation, slow moving exercises, standing and sitting.

The benefits of Genesis qigong are far a wide. It can help people master their mind and life for personal-growth and self-empowerment. It can also help students’ become more internally aware, grounded, happier and calmer. Here is a small sample of some areas it can help people: Anxiety, Sleep, Infertility, Low-Testosterone, Immunity, Covid Long Haulers, Stress, Menopause, & Build Inner Strength, Confidence, Mental Clarity, Leg Strength, Balance and much more.

Brief History Qigong

Qigong originated over 3,000 years ago in China. It can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical health. It integrates posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent. It is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine. There are likely thousands of different styles and lineages with different applications. In qigong the “Qi” means vital energy and the “Gong” means the benefits one receives from their investment into the practice.

Brendan Thorson, Genesis Qigong Instructor

Brendan Thorson, MSTOM, LMT

Brendan Thorson

Brendan is an Energy Medicine (qigong) healer, transformational coach, Genesis qigong instructor and teaches Genesis qigong students to be instructors. He is a published qigong author. He has a master’s degree in traditional oriental medicine, (MSTOM). He is a graduate of Brenneke School of Massage. He has over 20 years’ experience in energy work, healing and qigong.

Brendan began learning Tai-Chi and qigong in 1994. In 1999, he began studying qigong and tai-chi for about six hours a day. In 2001 he began offering private qigong healing sessions and teaching qigong. He trained for 10 plus years with qigong masters. Qigong has helped transform his life, health, overcome years of fatigue, exhaustion, a compromised immune system, insomnia, chronic joint pains, excess fears and anxieties.

In 2009 Brendan started the Noble School of Qigong in Seattle, WA. In 2012- 2013 he had 5 articles published in Qi: The Journal of Eastern Health and Fitness. In 2017 he moved from Seattle, WA to the NYC area. He studied traditional Chinese medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC from 2017 through 2021. In 2021 he initiated Genesis qigong. The Genesis qigong training incorporates only the most effective training Brendan has experienced.

Brendan grew up in a suburb of Seattle, WA. He loved the outdoors, snow skiing and playing sports. He has also had a variety of different jobs that has given him exposure to different industries like commercial fishing, mortgage loan officer, construction, & massage therapy.

Seeking Videographer & Social Media Intern Volunteers (Jersey City / NYC)

Hello All,

I’m seeking a videographer and a social media Interns to volunteer for a NON-PAYING opportunity to build your portfolio. I have a small business teaching alternative health and personal growth classes. I’m visualizing trying to meet for about 2-3 hours about once a week to go out in the public, create conversations with people about qigong (the training I teach), do a few minutes of qigong exercise and create some short videos.

I want to create a social media campaign to get the word out about the many benefits about the teaching I offer. If you are curios, I teach something called Genesis qigong and it can help people with many things including mental and emotional health. In fact, it can be great for people with anxiety, social phobias, fears, feeling overwhelmed, excessively stressed-out and much more.

You can call/ text me: 206-354-8216


I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Brendan Thorson.

Genesis Qigong Healer and Instructor

13 Year Old’s Growing Confidence & Declining Anxiety & Insecurity

A new student during there second qigong class tells class they feel so hot in there lower back that it was challenging for them to focus on other energy centers during exercises tonight.  Said the feelings in his Kidneys were like hot coals (two hot coals, one in the location of the left kidney and the other in the location of the right kidney) and reminded him of his Grandpa taking Red-Hot Coals out of the fire/ (Barbecue) and setting them on the ground!

I read in a qigong book that the Kidneys can become very hot from the qigong practice which can result in internal purification and health improvements.  When the Kidneys are working at a high temperature (related to the qigong practice) they can:

  1. Purify the blood
  2. Transform and refine many negative unhealthy energies like Fears and Paranoi’s to Virtues like Courage, Confidence, Freedom, Wisdom and Internal Will
  3. Also, when the Kidneys are functioning at a super high level (the thousand/s of diseases that man suffers from will be cured) man will not experience all these diseases that man suffers from… (taking all the drugs, and creams to treat all the symptoms and not the origin/cause of the problem).

In Chinese Medicine they say if the Kidneys are weak then people can have health issues including:
  1. Infertility, slow development and early senility
  2. Sore and weak lower back
  3. Weak body and bones
  4. Ringing in the ears
  5. Impotence
  6. Asthma
  7. and many more problems too

Continued Qigong training from the above mentioned student will help them live up to their life potential’s and give them health and wisdom far beyond the average human! -Brendan 11/16/11

13yr old Qigong Student’s Personal Growth

By Brendan Thorson, 12/12/2011

I guess it has been about a month now since the young man started his Genesis qigong training with me at the Noble School of Taichi and Qigong Training.  I recall during his first class that when he and I were doing a paired exercise, (where I was energizing his Kidneys/life gate and sending the qi down to his feet to help him get more grounded) that he mentioned that he was feeling as though his feet were magnetized to the earth and it felt as though it would be challenging for him to move his feet if he wanted too.

Later, in that first class we began to do some exercises to activate energy feelings between his hands and he said that he was clearly feeling sensations on his hands and mostly in the form of hot heat.  Then, later in the class (during different exercises) the feelings in his hands began to change from hot to magnetic feelings.  His parents were in that class with him and I recall his father mention, something to the point- that his son had previously worked with many different highly reputable and successful energy healers over the years and they told him his son is not energy sensitive and therefore was unable to feel the energy.  The families experince in their first Genesis Qigong class contrary to what they heard before-hand was evidence to them that there son was and is very energy sensitive.

Based on my experience as a Qigong instructor and Healer I have found that some people are clearly more sensitive to energy than others, but eveyone I have worked with who could not feel it initially were able to feel the energy very clearly when the energy levels reach the right stage, and upgrading the Kidney energy levels (activation of low kidney energy levels to a higher point where electrical energy can be felt through the body) in most cases based on my experience is the key to help students actually feel the “Chi/ Qi/ Ki/ Prana”.

To go back a step, so when I was working with the Young man to activate his Kidney/ life gate center and then sending the energy down to his feet… he was able to feel magnetized to the earth with his feet because we charged his kidneys and then as his kidneys were getting more charged we sent energy down to his feet to activate his feet and get him grounded, and then after his feet reached the level/ stage where the energy was able to open up his “Root Centers” Kidney #1 points on his feet then he was able to feel the magnetic and clear connection between his feet and the earth.

I think it was in his Third class (a few weeks after his first class) I noticed the young man looked much more solid and mature than he did when I first met him only a few weeks earlier.  Over the years I have seen 100’s of students transform their health, strength, confidence…. and quality of life all the time, but regarless of how often I see it happen it never stops amazing me, warming my heart and delighting me to see students dramatically  improve their internal confidence, happiness and life.

Nurse’s Improved Sleep & Reduced Anxiety & Stress from Genesis Qigong

“As a Nurse, I initially felt pretty skeptical about attending the QiGong training with Brendan. My days are spent in science based activities and Western medicine. I was really surprised when I was able to feel the energy between my hands and an unexplainable sense of joy and lightness during the first class. The benefits have been: sleeping more soundly, feeling more energized during the day, not feeling as overwhelmed during the day with stress, greatly reduced anxiety, feeling grounded and feeling more connected to other people. My diet and appetite has also changed for the better, I now crave healthier foods.” 

Lynn, Registered Nurse

Emotional & Spiritual Healing

“I started taking Qi Gong with Brendan Thorson over a year ago. I had never taken a Qi Gong class before and didn’t know what to expect. During the very first session I began to feel a startling sensation:  a magnetic, taffy-like energy between my hands and a current spiraling from my head through the core of my body. Admittedly, I was both unsettled and full of wonder about what this mysterious feeling was. It was Qi, and my new awareness of it would change my life.  Later that day after my first class, I began to feel discomfort in my chest as if a cork were stuck and trying to burst. I remember thinking that I wasn’t so sure Qi was a good thing! In retrospect, I understand that the Qi was working to push through years of stagnant accumulation in my chest—feelings I had held onto that were impeding my health, my ability to be open, and in general my ability to “go with the flow.” Within a couple more sessions with Brendan my chest became clear, the discomfort went away, and I began to experience a strong connection with Qi during my practices. During some practices the Qi felt like a gentle, cleansing waterfall through my head and hands. I could take a deep breath. I was sleeping better at night. I was feeling more vitality. A light that I hadn’t seen in my eyes for a while returned. My skin seemed to glow. I was happier and feeling more in tune with myself, connected with others, and more at ease with the ebb and flow of the universe. I became dedicated to cultivating Qi and to continuing to strengthen my reserves and to leading a more aware, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Recently I moved from Seattle to Los Angeles. What I have missed most is Brendan’s class! Whenever I come back to Seattle to visit I always try to schedule as many sessions with Brendan as I can. Brendan’s classes even partly inspired me to begin studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles. I love my classes and am excited to be on this new path. I am grateful to say that Brendan’s Qi Gong class and my personal discovery of the wonders of Qi cultivation have enhanced my life.  I wholeheartedly recommend Brendan’s classes to anyone who is curious about exploring Qi Gong.”

Catherine, Los Angeles – 5/31/2010

Improved Mental & Emotional Health from Genesis Qigong

When I met Brendan as a yoga teacher under Seattle’s dismal skies, I was a lost soul looking for a much more rewarding life. I didn’t have any of the answers, but soon came to find that Brendan was an excellent qigong instructor and listener who somehow just knew what qigong exercises to teach and guidance to offer. Quickly I found Brendan to be a confident, kind, and generous teacher. Within weeks I was unsticking a lifetime of clogged energy. I became more grounded and centered and my racing thoughts began slowing down. I began feeling more joy and happiness. Since that time, I have radically changed my views on what is possible with training like qigong. My psychotherapy has been buoyed by what I learned from Brendan so many years ago. Brendan is definitely the real deal as a person, teacher, and coach.

Ivon Waters, MA. Counseling/ Psychotherapy

Increased Sexual Strength & Energy

Increased Sexual Strength & Desire

I’m in my late 40s. I came to Brendan to increase my sexual strength and energy. I began with his healing sessions once a week and after a couple of months began taking group classes. The initial healing sessions quickly began to increase my energy, feel stronger and improve my sexual challenges. I began to feel like a new person! It has also helped me with my personal growth to become happier, less stressed, anxious, more connected to others and more open to talking about my feelings. My wife and I have an excellent love life again along with a renewed feeling of closeness that we have not shared in years, but with a deeper connection and appreciation than we had when we were younger. I have the energy and strong sexually like I was 10-15 years ago! The personal growth has been an unexpected blessing that has improved my life in ways I never would have gotten if I took the hormone replacement therapy option.


Qigong Student Experiences Bone Marrow Washing/ Fire at Sacrum to Life Gate-Circulation in Limbs

By Brendan Thorson 12/20/2011,

Last night we had a holiday class with a focus on deepening the development in the Sacrum/Marrow Gate.

In Genesis Qigong The Sacrum/ Marrow Gate is referred to as the Power Center.  (improve blood quality, Immunity…)

In last night’s class one student shared she was feeling intense heat building up in her Sacrum and as the class continued she began to feel the heat rise up to her life gate (the energy center on the spine between L2 & L3).  Toward the end of class, after completing our final exercise and meditation she shared feeling the energy shoot from her sacrum (rise up her spine) and circulate out her arms to her hands and also felt the energy circulate (shoot) from the sacrum down her legs to her feet.

The energy circulation that this student experienced last night is directly related to Bone Marrow Washing Qigong.   What this student experienced is what many qigong students practice years and years to accomplish, and  few will actually ever experience this level of healing and internal upgrades to their energy system (but with Genesis Qigong this level of development is available to just about anyone who has invested adequate time into the classes and their personal practice, the lady who had this experience has been practicing periodically for the past two years and over the past couple of months she became very devoted and attended the following classes/ seminars):

  1. 1- level one weekly series
  2. 1-level one weekend seminar
  3. 1-level two weekly series
  4. 1-Jing and Rou weekend seminar
  5. 1-level two weekend seminar

We all know the saying, “you will get out of it what you put into it” and her time investment is paying off for her…  In fact, the lady that had the experience last night is in her mid 50’s, has made her mid life change and has experienced severe exhaustion and depletion over the past 5-10 years.  She told me that over the last couple of weeks her friends have been commenting how strong and vital she appears these days!

Based on both my intellectual understanding and personal experience Bone Marrow Washing Qigong refers to an upgrade of the bone marrow inside the long bones of the legs and arms and the spine (Upgrade– meaning replacing the undesirable fatty Yellow tissue built up in place of the Red  Bone Marrow with older people and initiating the internal change to replenish and restore the depleted Red bone Marrow)

What are the functions of:

  1. Red marrow- makes blood cells
  2. Yellow marrow- makes fat,
  3. Do You want to be healthy and full of vitality or depleted and fatty?
What are the functions of: (Red marrow- makes blood cells) (Yellow marrow- makes fat) (

Bone marrow (Latinmedulla ossium) is the flexible tissue found in the interior of bones. In humans, bone marrow in large bones produces new blood cells. On average, bone marrow constitutes 4% of the total body mass of humans; in adults weighing 65 kg (143 lbs), bone marrow accounts for approximately 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs). The hematopoietic compartment of bone marrow produces approximately 500 billion blood cells per day, which use the bone marrow vasculature as a conduit to the body’s systemic circulation.[1] Bone marrow is also a key component of the lymphatic system, producing the lymphocytes that support the body’s immune system.[2]

There are two types of bone marrow: medulla ossium rubra (red marrow), which consists mainly of hematopoietic tissue, and medulla ossium flava (yellow marrow), which is mainly made up of fat cells.

Red blood cellsplatelets and most white blood cells arise in red marrow. Both types of bone marrow contain numerous blood vessels and capillaries.

At birth, all bone marrow is red. With age, more and more of it is converted to the yellow type; only around half of adult bone marrow is red.

Red marrow is found mainly in the flat bones, such as the hip bonebreast bonecraniumribsvertebrae and shoulder blades, and in the cancellous (“spongy”) material at theepiphyseal ends of long bones such as the femur and humerus. Yellow marrow is found in the medullary cavity, the hollow interior of the middle portion of long bones. In cases of severe blood loss, the body can convert yellow marrow back to red marrow to increase blood cell production.

When Genesis Qigong practitioners Marrow Gate and Sacrum areas reach the right stage of development then the refined energy can begin to circulate from the Sacrum up the spine into the arms and from the sacrum down both legs to the feet.  Once practitioners begin to feel this level of circulation they should know that there body/ bone marrow and internal energies are in the process of important internal health upgrades that will allow them the boost up their deep vitality and work on deep internal healing.

In the View of Genesis Qigong the Marrow gate has the following benefits:

  • Enhances the Reproductive System
  • Helps to nourish the Bone Marrow
  • Increase the Vitality of our Immunity
  • Rejuvenates the Blood
  • Enhances overall Strength and Health
  • Slows down the ageing process
  • Assists in grounding process
  • Most importantly, The Marrow Gate Connects to the Root of the Will.  Activating and energizing the Marrow Gate enhances the individuals Self-Awareness and supports Personal-Will.