Skeptical Attorney Experiences Undeniable Healing Energy Working In Body During & After First Workshop

“When I first signed up for the qigong sessions with Brendan Thorson I was a little skeptical. A close friend of mine had recommended Brendan’s qigong because he had received great benefits from it, but I still had my doubts about qigong in general. On the very first day, I was surprised to discover how practical and ‘down to earth’ the qigong seminar was in general. I also appreciated Brendan’s personal account of how the practice had transformed his own life. I was also surprised to experience an undeniable healing energy working in my body during and after the sessions ended. It became readily apparent that the practice was not just theoretical, but that I could receive immediate benefits from the practice. I would highly recommend taking qigong classes from Brendan. He is not only a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher and coach, but he is also not afraid to address any concerns or questions that you have in regard to the practice. Take his classes and you will not regret it.”

Patrick W. Tacoma WA. Attorney