Personal Growth, Becoming Comfortable In Their Body, Learned To Be More Positive & Kinder To Self

“Brendan’s Qigong instruction was the best I have ever received. Why? Because the skills I learned from him helped to save my life. A few years ago I was thrown an unexpected challenge that knocked me off balance in a big way. I wasn’t sure how I could cope let alone recover and hopefully flourish. As fate would have it, I soon found myself in one of Brendan’s Introductory sessions. At the end of that one hour I felt so much better and asked if I could immediately start a series of sessions with him.

In the months that followed I learned many things I didn’t know including ways to connect with and increase my own energy. I started to become comfortable in my body as a sense of ease and deep peace began to grow. Most importantly, I learned to reach for the positive and be kinder to myself.

I’ve known several people who have benefited from Brendan’s healing sessions, including a dear friend who was very sick and near the end of her life. In his genuine and caring way, Brendan tuned into each of our specific circumstances and tailored the sessions to our individual needs.

Brendan is truly a gifted teacher and healer who practices what he teaches and shares what he knows. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a little, or a lot, of support, understanding and help with their personal growth.”

Tonya Rehder-Zarlengo
LAc., LMP, Reiki Master Teacher