To be more specific Yi Ren Training can create better internal balance of the liver by releasing old unhealthy energies of the liver while simultaneously nourishing and rebalancing the energies of the liver too.   The liver is related to frustration, anger, disappointment, while the gallbladder is related to pride……… In addition, to working on the liver we need to go deeper and work to create harmony between its yin and yang organ partners and all of the other five element partners and organs too.  As one begins to create better internal balance of the liver and all the internal organs then there can

An analogy of  the pms when the liver and other organs are not in harmony is like traffic during rush hour in seattle and then throw in a combination of road construction and accidents to the mix and the traffic can not move smoothly and it is a very stressful commute. 

To further illustrate the impact of an imbalanced liver and Liver imbalances with other organs is to use to use an analogy of traffic and traffic issues related to road construction , car accidents,…organ imbalances between the liver and other organs is to raffic

As a result, if one were to have an imbalanced Liver then the other organs health and balance will also be negatively affected.  While at the same time if the health of an organ other than the Liver becomes imbalanced it will begin to cause imbalances to the other organs.  Thus, the health of all the organs are interconnected and a domino affect occurs between the organs balance when one organ is out of balance.  It is not much different than the traffic health of a major metropolitan area.  For instance, if a  metropolitan areas road system is seriously compromised during high traffic times then you could say it is like an imbalanced liver that is overwhelmed during high traffic times of the month.  To further illustrate traffic will become even more affected during high traffic times during times of road construction or an accident on the major roadways.

All of the organs and organ systems are intertwined and dependent on the health of the other organ systems.  Therefore, ultimately the health of the Liver is dependent on the health of all the other organs in the five element system and appropriate levels of qi, yin, yang, and blood.  The 5-elements consist of the Wood (Liver/ Gall Bladder), Fire (Heart/ Small Intestines), Earth (Pancreas/ Stomach), Metal (Lungs/ Large Intestines), and Water (Kidneys/ Urinary Bladder).  In addition, there is the Reproductive system and Spleen/ Lymphatic System which are special organs related to maintaining the vitality, safety and protection of all the 5-elements (organs systems).

The Liver’s health is directly related to the health of the other organs and organ systems.  Therefore,

As the internal balance of the organs become more and more out of harmony then health of the liver is more compromised.  For example, it is not much different from a road system that is not up to par with the local traffic requirements.  Thus, when traffic is at its peak the roads system is overwhelmed and the traffic is severely compromised.  Then add in accidents, road construction and the traffic gets even worse