Article Ideas

  1. Common for women to experience extra blood flow t otheir period to help their body clean and purify themself out.  thus when ladies experince this aspect to the healing process it is not a bad thing but instead a blessing in disguise and ladies don’t want to get scared from this experience.  it is common for ladies to have extra heavy blood flow or maybe extra periods in the first few months
  2. righting about detachment to explain how one needs to not lose themself.  like when a frnd get sick they need to continue to work on themself and the better they feel the better they will be able to help their frnd or loved one.  People too often lose the fact that this is there life and they open their heart so much to help others but they go past their capacity and compromise their life and growth opportunity.
  3. qigong development need to put lots of energy into getting the system going but once you get to right level then it works to bring you energy for your future—much like how it takes lots of energy to get a plane up to altitude, but once at altitude it dos not take much energy to keep it going.
  4. students being triggered by others, but it is really there own shit being trigered not a problem with another person.  part of our growing process is to see it is our stuff and not another person who has a problem
  5. low blood sugar
  6. Making chinese medicine alive in your body.  not a concept or philosophy but a reality.
  7. losing weight–energies vibrant and healthy and have released all the old shit built up in your system then one will naturally have the shape of the youth
  8. Candida and balancing the ph levels
  9. overcoming immune weaknesses
  10. Becoming a Sage
  11. Becoming a wiseman
  12. Need to build a solid foundation to create a healthy life….. handle much more stress and make life easier
  13. Male /female differences… build opposite eneriges and better understand the opposite sex
  14. Seeing the food programs you have created for yourself…like what I did to myself from the ayuvedic doctor
  15. Don’t get stuck… integrate all appropriate exercises into practice.  once have qi it is all qigong.  the most important thing is to make ourselves healthy and strong… do not be rigid and let your mind be flexible
  16. Socially awkward… society screwed up from computers, environment, facebook…..
  17. Add adhd…
  18. Real grounding… not an idea or concept–like I heard in massage school–like I hear and read from others all the time
  19. EFT and qigong how as one goes deeper they continue to find the layers of energy that needs to be released.
  20. Urinary tract infections… inflamation reducing diet trend— need to build up kidney qi— acupuncturins not understand chinese medicine and kidney – Urinary bladder relatinship and instead of building up kidney qi take food to reduce internal power….
  21. REiki vsqigong- explain the enrgy cultivation vs. trying to heal others…
  22. transforming toxic thoughts and emotions
  23. Yi ren qigong facelifts… in fact I still get ideed sometimes when I buy wine now at age of 43
  24. Weight loss gals with taichi and jing rou…. melissa and aria..ideal to reset metabalism and our lifestyle… we are what we eat and think  and do ie exercise
  25. grounded and yiren qigong.. acupuncturist taking classes not at all grounded and was having a hard time all the energy was causing her to get too extreme feelings yang too hot and cooked feeling… I use to feel so light headed and uncomfotable around her and then gave her prescription of exercises to do and now she is doing much better and very strong and grounded (began to feel for a while very grounded with her like stuck to the earth grounded…)
  26. Dreams and information system open up…. practitioners begin to get valuable informaiton to guide them in their life and other important information
  27. Manic depression; Bipolar affective disorder…ivan
  28. multiple personalities…
  29. Recently many counselors and psychotherapists have been interested in studying yi ren
  30. yi ren at wi hsing tao..connecting the studetns to their internal enrgies so they can begin to understand chinese medicine from their both their mental studies but also more deeply from their internal feelings of ….
  31. write about all the different experinces teacing different teachers and most never flet qi before or anything like they did in my class but never come back..
  32. Many yoga and martial arts folks feel qi so strong in intro class that is spooks many of them …they go from saying they are so enthusiatst to taking the classes ….. will sign up for next series and then they never reply to emails or phone calls… and they never
  33. Can connect to all spiritual paths from this training. if buddisht make better connection.. if christian also make better connection too… I have connections and support from many spiritual paths of both the east and the west.  Taoists, buhdist, indian, saint germain and saint Brendan….
  34. Many Counselors and therapist are now getting very interested in Yi Ren qigong..
  35. More with Mantak chias name in blog
  36. Bruce Frantzits and brian connection
  37. Counselors gaining interest in Yi Ren
  38. post tramatic stress disorder michael crabtree…
  39. Discuss how many people exercise past their bodies capacity
  40. Explain how many people whose health is bad try exercise and do too much and drain, deplete and imbalance their eneriges and health even more….
  41. Thyroid problems top ten signs have thyroid problem
  42. Low testosterone levels in men
  43. Low estrogen levels in women
  44. Vegaterianism and weak body…. organs glands hormone levels…
  45. Women and menopause
  46. Improve complexion of face, reduce acne for both men and women-cleansing of internal waste and improve circulation and balance of hormones
  47. Upgrading your power source: external energy sources, internal engine, all the other motors and engines and the energy pathways, Power source like water running through a dam in a river turning a generator creating energy that can then go into the energy grid and move throughout the body.  Some people may naturally run at 220volts, but as they have aged there body is now running on 110volts so we can upgrade our energies so we can once again run on 220volts.  When a practitioter get more developed they can begin to find more than one source of energy.  Just like we have solar energy wind energy, gas, oil, water