Chakra Healing, Increased Self-Awareness & Physical & Emotional Releases & Healing

“I met Brendan while he was advertising for his training at a street fair in the University District. I had been told about the benefits of Qi Gong previously, and was slightly interested, but would have walked right on by him if I had not felt so drawn into his warm and open presence. Over the next couple weeks I attended three of Brendan’s Qi Gong sessions.

Within minutes of the first session, I was able to viscerally feel the energy (Qi) between my hands in the form of a hot, magnetic charge. By the end of the session, I could “magnetically” connect with each of seven major energy centers (Chakras) on my body. The session helped me to feel more balanced in my body, and it helped my body to feel more alive and alert. I left with an invigorating, pulsating energy moving through my entire body.

Cultivating my relationship with the Qi has already, with only several days of practice, dramatically affected my relationship with my body and my mind. As if the energy had a secret treasure map of my body, it moves through me, uncovering emotional goldmines I have kept buried, out of fear. This experience has proved to be both confusing and refreshing– to really look at the emotional trauma I have faced is painful, but the physical and emotional releases I am experiencing through this process are profound. I feel lighter, and more free.

Brendan is a humble and passionate coach and teacher. He is invested in and maintains a thorough understanding of the value of his work. Brendan has learned to present Qi Gong, the vocabulary around which may confuse the Western mind, in a totally accessible way to individuals and groups of people with myriad constructions of foundational knowledge.

I deeply and wholeheartedly believe in the value of this work, individually and in reference to our global community. I am excited to continue my Qi Gong practice, and I am deeply grateful to have found such a kind and supportive guide in Brendan.”