Consultations & Private Lesson’s with Brendan Thorson

Instructor Brendan Thorson LMP, has over 15 years experience practicing and learning this 5,000 year old science of energetic medicine. He has developed special abilities from his years of training to sense where his clients have energetic imbalances and how to use the Qigong (Energy Work) to help balance their energy system (Health & Vitality). He works with the organ and glandular systems, chakras and Acupuncture energy pathways. He also gives personalized Qigong guidance to each individual and additional guidance that could range from food, lifestyle choices, energy psychology (emotional and mental well being), to the incorporation of seeing other health care professionals. Brendan’s guidance will vary from client to client based on their individual situation.
During Brendan’s Consultations:

  • Stage 1:
  • After initial consultation, he will energetically support and guide energy to specific areas of the client to upgrade and balance their energies.
  • Stage 2:
  • Energetically teach and practice specific qigong exercises with each individual client to further balance their health and energies. 
  • Stage 3:
  • Prescribe specific qigong exercises for the client to do at home. 

Each consultation is personalized for each individual and the above session stages (1, 2, & 3) are often combined together during the sessions.

Private Lessons:
Private Lessons are for anyone from a first time student to a 10 or more year veteran of Qigong. They are all personalized for each individual regardless of their level of development and are for anyone seeking personalized guidance with their practice like:Tool Online Fast furious legacy Coins

  • A new or experienced student preferring private lessons over group classes
  • Someone wanting to get started with the a level of training before they can take it in a group class 
  • A student wanting to learn more advanced training or deepen their practice
  • A student seeking to move past an area that they are stuck  
  • An experienced student who wants personalized guidance and support with their practice and development