Massage Therapist Experiences Increased Grounding & More Physically & Spiritually Aware

“About a year and a half ago my life was in shambles – financially, physically, emotionally and energetically.  Everything about me was dark and disconnected.  I knew I needed help.  First I did some soul searching, then some researching, and finally found my way into an introductory Qigong class, taught by Brendan Thorson.

I have found that Brendan’s Qigong allows me to cultivate an extremely powerful energetic experience, and at the same time assists me in achieving a heightened physical and spiritual state of awareness. This practice helps me to be more grounded and connected to all aspects of this wondrous life.

Although my class attendance has been sporadic, due to my travel schedule,  I am continually feeling the pull to deepen my practice.  Completing Level 1 Qigong, taking Tai Chi,  then attending  a class or two every few months along with a Level 1 CD has been helpful.   I am in a much better ‘inner’ place these days.

For now, I am being gentle with myself and jumping thru the windows of opportunity as they are opened to me.  My great hope is to be blessed with the opportunity to move back to Seattle, let my roots sink once again into the NW soil, and continue growing and learning Qigong thru classes with Brendan.  I have found Brendan to be a kind, intuitive, and knowledgeable instructor.  Thank you Brendan for sharing this gift with so many!”

Cynthia, Massage Therapist