The Noble School of Qigong Curriculum

Teaching Qigong

9-Levels of Training in the Qigong system.
Levels 1-3 are the basic Qigong training to activate and develop the complete energy body-All the energy pathways, organs, chakras, endocrine glands, brain etc.

It includes two basic components or areas of emphasis: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Qigong. Intrinsic Qigong refers to communication and interaction within the mind-body-soul with Qi cultivation; Extrinsic Qigong encompasses the interactions between individuals and their environment, including other people, society, and nature through Qi communications.

Qigong focuses on the development of three energetic bodies:

  • Internal energy body (energetic matrix and Qi communication net-work) development
  • Internal transformative body development
  • Internal law body development

Extrinsic Qigong focuses on the applications of Yin/Yang theory, five phases transforming theories, the codes of energy flow, and Yi Jing in advanced internal cultivation and in treating others for healing sessions and for improving the quality of people’s life.

Level 1: Internal Qi-Activation and Cultivation

  • Activation of the Internal Power Station/ Life Gate & Kidneys
  • The first step in the Yi Ren Qigong training, and advanced training for repeating students. For repeating students, (whether beginner, advanced or expert) the energy grows and deepens in your system with every passing class to support one to reach higher levels of development.
  • Balancing of the Yin/Yang Energies
  • Grounding the Internal Energies
  • Activation of the Small Universe, (also known as the microcosmic orbit or the small heavenly cycle).
  • Empowering the Nervous System

Level 2: Activating & Developing the Internal Organ Energy Pathways

  • (Completion of Level 1 required)
  • Activation, cultivation & balancing of all the organ systems
  • Kidneys/Urinary Bladder, Liver/Gallbladder, Heart/Small Intestine, Pancreas/Stomach, Lung/Large Intestine
  • Working with the 5-Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal

Level 3: Development of the Extraordinary Meridians

  • Development of Endocrine Glands
  • Development of Protection Energies
  • Development of Brain & IChing

Moving With Qi: Qigong With Tai Chi Style Movements

  • For Internal & External Strength & A Peaceful Mind

Jing and Rou: Muscle and Tendon Qigong

  • Qigong for developing the Yang Energy Body. For strength, protection and internal peace

Below is an example of other advanced classes that will be available when the students are ready:

  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Virtues
  • Internal Strength
  • Internal Martial Arts
  • And many other advanced training’s