“Bone Marrow Washing”, Student update #2 (original article 12/20/2011)

By Brendan Thorson 1/27/2012,

On 12/20/11 I wrote about a female student, in her mid 50′s, who had experienced very strong and intense heat in her Sacrum and lumbar spine and then the energy shot/ circulated up her spine and into arms ending at her hands and down her spine into both legs and down to the feet.  That experience was related to Bone Marrow Washing, See previous article for further details.  & 1st follow up article

Currently as of 1/26/11, she is taking two weekly classes Level-3 and Moving W/Qi (a moving qigong class with taichi style movements) during this  session of classes.  During this past week’s level-3 class, (class #2), while we were doing the Energy Holding Meditation she told me:

  1. She began to clearly feel her Ovaries, have a dialogue with them and also feel the energy stimulating her ovaries to wake up from their slumber, be happier and have the ability to function at a more youthful state. Ovaries and Hormone Imbalances
Kidneys: bartleby.com

Also, during the level-3 class she noted while we were doing an exercise that focuses on bringing energy to the Chong/Endocrine Gland Meridian (pathway) that she was able to feel energy encircling her Kidney’s/Adrenal glands.  While prior to that class she was only able to feel her kidney area as the energy was working from the outside in, from her lower back inward to her kidneys.  But in this last experience she clearly felt the energy deep inside her body in front of the spine and behind the organs in front of them.  Benefit of  healthy Kidneys.    Adrenal Glands and Hormone Imbalances.

Muscle Fascia: moondragon.org
Example of Physical compensation (injury to leg) and affect if has on Muscle Fascia of whole body: hellerwork.com

Then, the following day in her Moving W/Qi class she shared that she was realy feeling the energy work through areas on her glutes/hips/low-back and Sacral area that she has experienced weaknesses in her past.  Also, was feeling new energy filling up her muscle-fascia between her skin and muscles–a process of deep re-hydrating of the body.