“Bone Marrow Washing” Student update #3: Kidneys-like Hot Coals & Energy Flame Body (original article 12/20/2011)

By Brendan Thorson 4/15/2012,

Two weeks ago (3/31 and 4/1) at the Qigong Sound Energy Correspondence Seminar the “Bone Marrow Washing Student” began to experience new stages in the development of her energy body and deep healing happening at the organ level.

Over the past two months prior to this Sound Energy Center Correspondence Seminar she has continued to take 2 weekly classes (is currently taking the Jing and Rou class and the Level-3 class) and all the weekend seminars I have had recently (Levels 1 and 2).  She is continuing to build up her energy levels, as a result her energy and inner strength has gotten significantly deeper and more solid!  She is just continuing to get biologically younger and fresher feeling as every week and month pass!!

She had a few profound experiences during the Sound Energy Center Correspondence seminar:


1. She felt the energy directly working on healing her old Urinary Tract Infections.  Based on what I recall her sharing with me and the class, about 5-years ago she struggled with Urinary Tract infections for a couple of years and also took antibiotics during most of that time too to try and cure her Urinary Tract issue.  However, the Antibiotics were not very helpful for her, in fact she took one type of antibiotic for so long that her her body actually became resistant to it.  During the seminar she was feeling the energy working directly on the area of her Urinary Tract where she used to regularly feel the Urinary Tract infection.  In fact, she said she could feel the energy going through a two cycle phase repeating itself over and over again one after the other.

A) Phase-1: Energy nourishing and laying down layers of fresh qi (like spreading a layer of lotion) over the area of the old injury

B) Phase-2: Energy that felt to her like a scrapping/ cleaning right over the area of the old injury to release the old unhealthy energies there.

“Urinary Tract infections are just one of a thousand or more diseases humans can get related to Weak/ Deficient Kidneys”

To summarize she felt the qi working directly to restore her old injury with a combination of nourishing energy and clearing/cleaning energy–the bodies healing potential is really amazing once it has extra vital energy available for healing!

2. She also had another great experience related to her reaching higher stages of energetic development.  During our Kidney sound exercise and meditation she began to feel her whole body was like one Big-Hot-Flame (Imagine a Candle Flame surrounding your whole body) and the origin of her flame she felt what she described as two Hot-little-Coals one on each side of her body that she realized were her Kidneys.

I continue to be impressed with this ladies determination to prioritize her healing and make the Qigong the most important thing in her life at this time.  I hate to say it but she is rare.  I meet many people deeply struggling with their health, but they are not willing to make it a priority.  In fact, I have had many students who begin to take my classes because they want to improve their health and low energies, then as soon as they start feeling a little better they stop the training because they are no longer exhausted and have already forgotten why they decided to take the classes in the first place.

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